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We provide dumpsters in nj and create alternative fuel.

Educate yourself on the Evergreen recycling process below.

Evergreen Dumpster in NJ

1.) We Deliver

If you need a dumpster in NJ, call us or fill out our contact form here and we’ll have your dumpster delivered within 24 hours with 2 hour window.

Loading a Dumpster in NJ

2.) You Fill The Dumpster

Throw all your construction or demolition debris into one container.  We’ll sort through the commodities at our facility in NJ.

Evergreen Dumpster Material Recovery Facility in NJ

3.) We Pick Up

When your container is full or your project is done, let us know and we’ll pick it up asap and haul it back to our facility in NJ to start the recycling process.

Evergreen Dumpster Drop Off

4.) Material Recovery Facility

The container is tipped at our Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and the debris is pre-sorted for the next step.

Dumpster Contents Being dropped into Pre-Shredder

5.) Sorting Process

We’ll load the recyclable material from your dumpster into our state of the art sorting machines.  Our facility is the newest and most advanced MRF in NJ.

Dumpster contents in the Pre-Shredder

6.) Pre-Shredder

This shredder sizes the material into more manageable pieces for the sorting process.

Dumpster Material geting sorted by size

7.) Screeners

The dirt is removed and the material is sorted by size.

Dumpster material separated by magnets

8.) Magnets

Magnets help separate the ferrous metals from the material.

Dumpster material is sorted by a picking line

9.) Sorting Line

The remaining commodities are manually sorted.

Secondary Shredder

10.) Secondary Shredder

The secondary shredder sizes the material to final specification.

Dumpster material has been sorted into alternative fuel

11.) Alternative Fuel

The final product is an alternative fuel that replaces coal for cleaner energy.

Alternative fuel in an Evergreen Dumpster

12.) Prepped For Shipping

Instead of feeding the landfill, you’ll be feeding the grid with clean energy.